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  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    How does femSense measure ovulation?

    femSense uses the well-known temperature method to detect ovulation and takes it to the 21st century. Immediately after ovulation, the body temperature rises by a tiny amount. While this miniscule ...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    How do I dispose of my patch?

    The sensor inside the femSense patch uses a battery as an energy source and should therefore be disposed of in a battery recycling box. You could also take advantage of our recycling concept. Retur...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    Can I use the femSense app as a period diary without the femSense patch?

    Absolutely! Track your periods, fertile phases and log specifics about your body (cervix mucus, weight, sleep etc.) or how you feel. You will get an overview of your general cycle from month to mon...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    What can I track without using the femSense patch?

    The femSense algorithm will use the cycle information you enter and similar averages to estimate your fertile days allowing you to track your cycle and predict your period and fertile phase.  The a...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    Will I still have an accurate estimate of my fertility without the femSense patch?

    Using the app without the patch will give you a pretty good idea of when you will be fertile.When you use the sensor patch femSense can measure and confirm ovulation and the algorithm has more exac...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    Patch markings on my skin - is that normal?

    Depending on your skin type and your personal sensitivity, you could see markings on your skin where the patch was applied. As with any other adhesive or band-aid that is worn for several days, the...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    Why did femSense show a different ovulation date to my OPK?

    Ovulation tests are used to determine when you ovulate and are most likely to get pregnant. Since the different methods of ovulation detection measure different bodily signals, they usually are “po...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    Why couldn’t femSense detect my ovulation?

    There can be several reasons for this and it does not have to mean that you did not ovulate. femSense works most reliable with regular cycles. However, cycles can sometimes be shorter or longer. In...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    I missed my patch application window and now I can't start the patch, what can I do?

    Your patch can only be activated within the calculated patch application window, which is before the start of your fertile days. If you missed these days and applied the patch later than instructed...

  • Karl von femSense created an article,

    My patch is uncomfortable, what can I do?

    Many people are sensitive to band-aids or adhesives. The femSense patch is made of hypoallergenic materials used in medical wound care, however, because the patch is worn in the same place for seve...